My husband and I love the ¬†watercolor of our home of 22 yrs..it looks cozy and very beautiful…Elena got all the details of the house, the colors and lines perfectly. Thank you Elena.
Marta and Michel B

Highly recommended. The artist did an amazing job, I had a house portrait made for my parents and they absolutely loved it!
Susan K

Every house should be a home filled with personal stories, shared moments, long-awaited dreams and incomparable love and warmth. As expected from a professional artist, Elena knew perfectly how to capture all this and even much more in her artwork, achieving with exquisite brushstrokes the most wonderful painting of my house. Thank you so much, Elena!
Denise D

I purchased a custom illustration from Elena as a wedding gift of my friend’s first home and it turned out perfect!  The paper is high quality and it looks stunning in a frame. Highly recommended – five stars!
Nicole R

If you believe a house is more than a home, you will love a painting of where your heart lives by Elena as much as we do. Somehow she captured the warmth and magic that makes our home so special to us with her paintbrush!
Leslie R and Neil P

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